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More Info on the Extra Large Big Green Egg XL

Check Out the Extra Large Big Green Egg XL Grill – Always in Stock Here

Big green egg has been producing these “Kamado” style grills for decades. It’s legendary among backyard cooks and professional chef’s. With the ability to hit temperatures over 700 degrees or hold them as low as 165 degrees the big green egg is perfect for searing steaks, smoking brisket, and even cooking a perfect pizza. The XL egg has a  24 inch diameter cooking surface (452 square inches of primary cooking space) it is large enough to hold two 20 pound turkeys or or 11 whole chickens. If you prefer beef, the big green machine will cook 12 steaks or 24 burgers. Take the rib challenge with 14 racks of ribs. With our system, everyone can eat hot food at one time and not in shifts or by holding food until some food is cold or overcooked. Your events will be the envy and the talk of the town..

After your guests taste the food from your grilling, they will have questions about smoker grill. Be ready to provide the facts about the big green egg grill. Its molded composition, ceramics bonded with a green nontoxic glaze that will last virtually forever. There is a hinged band for easy one-handed opening and closing, cushioned gaskets for improved insulation and a heavy-duty porcelain-coated grid for easy cleaning.The ceramic shell of the big green egg is strong and able to withstand a wide range of temperatures so you don’t have to worry about it cracking if you heat it up on a freezing cold day. What makes this grill work so well is that the heat is held inside. Even at its highest temperature the outside remains relatively cool (though I wouldn’t go putting my hand on it). Because of this efficiency of the design you will find that you don’t use as much charcoal as you would on comparably sized grills. When you are done cooking you can close up the vents to stop the remaining charcoal inside from burning and hence save it for your next cookout.

Heat is controlled on this grill by a vent in the bottom of the unit and another one on the top. These vents are simple to use but give you a great deal of control. In fact I find that you get better heat control on this charcoal grill than you do on most gas grills.

  • The Extra Large Big Green EGG can cook:
  • 2 20 lb. turkeys
  • 24 burgers
  • 11 whole chickens
  • 12 steaks
  • 14 racks of ribs vertically
  • The Extra Large Big Green Egg XL should be the last grill you will ever buy:
  • Molded ceramics bonded with a green non-toxic glaze that will last virtually forever
  • Hinged band for easy one-handed opening and closing
  • Stainless steel draft door with mesh screen for safety
  • Cushioned gaskets for improved insulation and feel
  • Heavy-duty porcelain-coated grid for easy cleaning
  • Dual function daisy-wheel metal top for precise temperature control
  • Precision thermometer

Call and ask about our Cooking Classes for making the most from your Big Green Egg.

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