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Green Mountain Big Pig Grill

Green Mountain Trailer Rig: Big Pig Smoker Grill

This is a grill for Events, Commercial Catering, Large Outdoor Gatherings, and serving Huge Parties!

A few examples: Cook a whole hog, 25 briskets, 150 steaks, 65 chickens, or 200 hamburgers.

It’s versatile: Adjust the temperature from 150 to 500 degrees for long, slow cooks, roasting, baking, or grilling.

The full specifications for the Big Pig Trailer Rig:

Big Pig Trailer Rig Specifications


Dimensions 6′ long, 5′ wide
Weight 1,120 lbs, 2,000 lb axle
Hitch 2inch ball
Tires 12″
Driving Signals Brake, turn, 4pin tail
Reflectors Side reflectors
Front Storage 1’10” x 5′


Outer Material 1/8″ thick steel
Dimensions 3’5″ x 5′
Lid Hydraulic openers
Main Cooking Area 3′ x 4’6″ 13.5 sq. ft.
Main Cooking Grates 2 stainless steel
Top Cooking Rack 1’6″ x 4’10” 7.25 sq. ft.
Top Cooking Grates Single stainless steel
Total Cooking Area 20.75 sq. ft.
Digital Temperature 150 to 500 degrees

Features & Controllers

Meat Probe Included
Sense Mate Dual Program Control
Fire Box 5 1/2″ – vertical grooves
Auger 2inch – 5.3 revolutions
Igniters Dual igniters
Fans Dual Combustion Fans
Pellet Hopper Capacity Holds 84lbs
Side Shelves 2 each: 12″ and 41″
Exterior Finish HiTemp to 1,200F deg.