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EggFest 2020 Chefs

The registration fees are waived for you and up to 4 Eggfest Cook team members (all must be registered by name). Cook team members can not enter if the head cook is not present. You and your cook team will have access to samplings and drinks throughout the day from between 10 am through 4 pm.

2020 Eggfest Class Schedule

*All Classes are free to all paid attendees and held in the class section inside of the Eggfest.

Free Classes at the Egg fest 2020 included with your ticket purchase:

  • 10:30 AM – Cooking with wood by Patty Fisher Sharpe: Sharpe Gourmet Cooking Wood
  • 12:00 AM – Eggs 101
  • 1:00 PM – Apple mustard pork belly by Chef David Rose
  • 2:30 PM – Prime Rib by Chef David Rose

For confirmed EggFest Chefs participation guidelines are as follows:

Eggfest Chefs will have a new Big Green Egg to cook on the day of the Fest.

On Sunday, Chefs will need to arrive by no later than 8 am on Sunday Morning. The registration table will be located at event entrance. Please come by to check in and pick up your name tag. At check-in our Chef Liaison member will escort you to your assigned cook station for setting up. Please tell your cook team to inform the registration table team that they are part of your cook team so that we can escort them to your station as well.

The Chef Liaison Team member will escort you to your assigned station and provide you with your service station set up. We will supply you with supplies to help with food service (boats, utensils, napkins, etc) as well as lump charcoal and fire starters. Please bring your own food safe gloves (we have a limited supply in case you forget yours). Anything else you need to cook your menu such as tongs, spatula, rib racks, dutch oven, mixing bowls, measuring spoons, ingredients for your cook, folding chairs etc., please bring them yourself. Please be aware of handling food safely and keeping your work areas clean. If your ingredients need to be kept cold, you’ll need to bring a cooler. We won’t have any refrigerators! We will have extra ice brought in throughout the day as needed. If you have specific needs we will try to accommodate you as well as we can but you need to tell us before the Eggfest. Your cook space will have 1-10’x10′ popup, 2-6′ serving table provided. Plate setters will need to be reserved in advance if you need one for the day.
The lighting of the eggs will starts at 9:00 am at Otay Ranch Town Center. Our Liaison Chef contact will show you. Food is expected to be ready at 10:00 am, and maximum by 10:30 am when attendees begin to arrive.

Eggfest People’s Choice:

All paid attendees will have a total of 5 People Choice (PC) tickets to award their favorite Eggfest Cook that day. Attendees must award their PC before 2 pm. PC awards will be at 2:45 pm with a lager big green egg for the winning Chef.

We also encourage you to dress up your cooking space with any themes you may have. We will recognize the cooking team with the “Best Booth” award. Rules are simple, you must use the front table and tablecloth that is provided. Examples are team shirts/costumes, decorating the front serving tables etc. If you have any questions on these ideas, feel free to ask ahead of time.

No advertising will be allowed unless approved in advance, all unapproved booth advertising will have to be removed. Eggfest sponsorships are available. If you are interested. please contact us at [email protected]